Vaginal Dryness

In women, Vaginal Dryness is one of the most distressing experiences they can have. This is a condition that has been prevalent especially in women of ages 39 -50 depending on their environment and other factors. It has different causes ranging from childbirth to menopause.

The saddest part is that stress can also be a cause of this problem. Research has it that the use of some birth control pills might also be a cause of this symptom. It is most annoying to be in this situation as some of the women have no clue as to how to avoid it. There are different types of Vaginal Dryness.

Sometimes it comes only during sexual intercourse but in some extreme cases it can causes itching and/or a certain burn like sensation. Fortunately there are different ways to make this situation more comfortable depending on the type of dryness experienced. It also depends if the particular concerned party has other problems with her vagina.

The most common way to treat this ailment is via external lubrication. This is especially if the type of dryness is experienced during sexual intercourse. Vaginal Dryness during sex is caused by the lack of the vagina to produce the necessary lubrication needed for penetration. This in turn causes discomfort and sometimes pain during intercourse.

However, there are various types of lubrication one can use to combat this type of problem. Lubrication chosen depends on affected parties different desires and tastes. It also depends on their wish to go shopping for one or a preference of using normal home remedies.

In older women, especially those approaching or at menopause, lubrication is at an all time low. This means that for them to be able to lubricate adequately, arousal and/or stimulation has to be more than normal. Vaginal Dryness might require more foreplay or sometimes more extreme methods like the use of clitoral stimulation.

This can be done by either parties but it is said to be more effective if her partner does it. Sometimes this type of stimulation will take more than the anticipated time for lubrication to be at a comfortable level. It has been said that sometimes it can take up to an hour or more depending on the woman’s overall vaginal status.

One of the simplest home remedies is the use of lubricants. The common household has some petroleum jelly stored somewhere. Even if it is not in the house, one can go to any convenient store and get some without raising any eyebrows. Petroleum jelly of the Vaseline kind has been considered one of the most quick and inconspicuous ways of dealing with Vaginal Dryness.

If used correctly, it can bring a new meaning to the sexual life of a woman who is suffering from this type of discomfort. The best of them and worldly known though for a lubrication remedy is Vigorelle. It is renown around the world as one of the best lubricants in the market. It can be found in any online/convenient store across the globe and it is usually inexpensive.

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